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  1. Your ingame name: Wazzagon96 Why you want to join our server: Because i like playing Tekkit, and its not fun to be alone so i wanna play with others. Make a team and stuff. Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which?: None Something about yourself: Im 14, I was a senior admin in MarahinCraft(Tekkit(old)) but the server was shutdown because lack of fund, and I'm a member of the FSC Clan, a Trial Admin in a Tekkit server(which i quit because of the Creator is crazy griefer...). So yeah weird things, weird world.
  2. Make a 128x!!! this would be EEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIICCCCCCCC if u make a 128x!!!! :D :D
  3. I'd Recommend RM Furnace... it has a duplicating glitch... besides they can use DM Furnace...