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Instant Server Crash/Shutdown


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So i have had my server for sometime running about 15 people every night. Its been running great but ever since yesterday my server just crashes. Today it crashed randomly and I finnaly saw a glimpse of the crash code but it went a way to wquick to read it. Im wondering if this is a plugin duing it or somethig to do with the mods. Note I have almost all of the server fixes. And heres my plugin list - PEX, DynMap, McMMO, Factions, Essentials, FoundDiamonds, CoreProtect, ShowCaseStandalone, MobBountyReloaded, World Edit, World Guard, SpamGuard, PvPReward, SimpleBackup, Vault and Spectate. Do any of those plugins mess up tekkit?

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If you add a "pause" into your server launch, you should be able to see the error.

Your launch should look like this inside(You only need to add the pause):

java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui


This should let you see the error, then you can take it to the Tekkit Bug Forum and post a bug report of the error there.

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