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[3.1.3] Ultimate Escape Tekkit [Open] [20 slots] [Towny] [NoSplosion] [iConomy]


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Ultimate Escape Tekkit is a Tekkit server hosted in Canada, with a good connection felt globally. Currently playing host tp players from Europe, America and Australasia with a permissive ruleset, an international staff and Towny to enable control over your own home, UETekkit is the perfect starting place for newbies and a good home for veterans.

Straight from the get-go, with the few rules we have displayed proudly at spawn and a display of Staff Members and Donators, you can see that the server is run with a passion for the game. Dont worry, this server is non-PvP so if you're out in the wilderness, nobody can kill you. Towns are also a good place to build, but its up to you. Just remember, enjoy yourself and don't be a dick. Join us now: server.uetekkit.com

Server rules:

-Don't be a dick

-Don't grief

-Don't use banned items

Banned items:

-Mining laser

-Nukes, TnT, Dynamite

-Evertide amulet, Volcanite amulet

-DM pedistal


-World anchor, teleport teather

-Mercurial Eye

-Hyperkinetic Lens, catalyc lens

-Nova cataclysm

-FF block cutter











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