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  1. IGN: Xephosbot Age: 12 (don't judge me for my age i am very mature) Location: UK Voltz Experience: Good Do you realize there are no plugins?: I don't mind whether there are plugins or not Why should I be aloud to join?: I played voltz for ages and I got really good buy not a lot of servers were small and had pvp
  2. IGN: xephosbot age: 13 why should I join?: I love tekkit servers and I would like to build some awsome stuff before the server kickes me out for no reason Have I ever been banned before?: I have been banned because one of my freinds got banned and I told a mod and he said that I swore at him when I did not then I got banned.
  3. IGN: xephosbot age: 12 (13 in january) hav you ever been banned?: Yes because I accidently said a lot about one server and it was my first time and before anyone told me I got banned for it. What do you plan to build on the server?: A factory or a big house in a farm What is your previous experiance with tekkit?: I have played on 15-20 non-whitelist servers before and only 2 whitelist server but I enjoy playing tekkit and have been doing so for 1 year now.
  4. Hi I was banned today and I don't know why I was on the dynomap talking and I go to log and it says "Banned:Dissapear" I would just like to know why I was banned thx!
  5. Hello! I like cookiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! also I love this server!
  6. can I join? IGN: xephosbot P.S: what version is the server? is it the latest build?
  7. Is the server down I cannot get on again it keeps saying that the connection is refused can someone please verify that for me please? thanks
  8. Simas Might visit it shall I speak to him in-game for you?
  9. IGN: Xephosbot Played on for: 4-5 months on server Age: 13
  10. looking for a good tekkit server whitelisted msg me if you have found a great one!!! Thanks yognoughts!!!

  11. IGN: Xephosbot (I liked the name and I am not the real Xephos) Reason Behind wanting to join?: I would like to join because I would like a perminant server to go on because all the otheres are a bit boring with greifers but I do not mind pvp. Will you follow rules as stated above?: of couse also I think that the server is epic!!!!!!!
  12. application for: member IGN: Xephosbot Been banned?: No Ambitions for server: to get better at tekkit and to see how to monitor a server properly
  13. IGN: xephosbot Reason for wanting to become a member: I like to help people and I would never think of greifing a house or anything whitch was not mine. Why should we accept you:I am a loyal, trustworthy, helpful and caring player.
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