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EE - Possible to give more items/blocks an EMC value?

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Does anybody know a way to add non-vanilla items (like refined iron, rubber, machine blocks) to EE so that they have an EMC value and you can transmutate them?

Most mod items have EMC values already. Rubber does not but the resin it is made of does. Refined Iron does not but it's easy to get regular Iron Ingots and smelt them. All the naturally occuring Red Power blocks (including rubber saplings and wood) have EMC values too.

As for modding in your own, I have no idea.

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A brief look into the files included as part of EE suggests that in order to add more EMC values for other mod items, one would need to modify the mod files themselves. None of the configuration files contain values for the EMC values of items and blocks. As well, a look into the EE zip file included with Tekkit shows that there are API files added for Buildcraft and IC.

Though not directly related to this sub-forum, the Technic SSP pack also does not contain any sort of easily modified value.

To change the value on Tekkit would would also need to make sure that everyone had the same values, and that the server was seeing the same values. At that point the amount of work needed to add in a few items is not particularly worth it. Most of the machines from IC and BC are easy to build once you have the materials. And as mentioned before you can transmute the rubber Resin or the Rubber wood. Not sure which I have not bothered trying to do so since there is so much rubber everywhere on my world is borders on the rediculous.

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