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I tried to make a Tekkit server through hamachi today and it worked alright. There were just a few issues, though. First, half the time my friend could not join, he would just get a black screen, then a white screen, then he would crash. Then, when my friend joined the server he had no name. It said this: joined the game. He also could not break blocks. We moved about 100 blocks away from the spawn area and still he could not break blocks. Does anybody know why this happens?

P.S. Vanilla works fine.

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If your friends screen has a blue dot next to your hamachi username I know a lot of lag will occur, other than that I don't know, try redownloading the server?

I will have to check about the blue dot, and I will give redownloading the server a shot. Also, when he has tried to run the server, none of the server stuff like the world folder or the properties file would generate.

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