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Problem With Pneumatic Tubes


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Sorry im new and not completely sure this is where this post should be, but i have a problem. I have quite a few block breakers running to an Energy Condenser. This is working and actually working to well so i made another Energy Condenser to help the problem i am having with overflow hoping that the pipe would split the load and place them in each condenser. This is not happening and its flooding into one condenser until its full then going to the other condenser. Is there anyway to fix this problem or is this how the pipes work and im SOL? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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The pipes will go to whatever inventory is closest first, until it is full. If you want them to split 50/50, you need to make sure both condensers are exactly the same distance from your breakers.

For example, by having a "T" intersection, and having one condenser on either side the same number of blocks out.

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