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Hi My Name is DManPlays, and I just want you guys to know, that im starting a server called GraveStone, [TekkitLite] and Im asking for people to come help me build everything (atleast 2), and trying to manage the server the best we can.

Requires Skype, Experience, and friendliness.

I will give out the Server ip to the people that want to help.

Thanks! -DMan


My Skype: buckster5005

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Hey DMan! 

Been desperately trying to find a good hardcore Lite server - one focused on old-school Survival play - where the only rules are no hacking and no duping and let the players do what they want... Any chance this server will be something like that or is it gonna be focused on building and protecting those builds (ending up banning a huge amount of items)?

If you're going for the purest survival gameplay option you can count on my help. I have Skype, experience and a good team spirit.

Looking forward to your answer and good luck with it! 

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