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Bug With Donation(PLZZ HELP)

Alex Shomali

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Hello, I'm Alex most of you will probably know me

as I have been on the server for a while and I LOVE it. Yesterday

I donated $60 and i didn't receive my rank?

So I went to yahoo answers and asked what was going on.

I got 2 replies the first one was not helpful at all. The second one

said this

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

This happened to me before on Prestigecraft -_-. The owner of the server told me that he is sorry & it happens when your internet is very slow and it bypasses the Nttermial-B Misses and returns too slowly and doesn't reach the donation destiny. He also said if you have very slow internet u may miss your iron pickaxe or whatever when voting . Just ask for ur rank and say that it was a bug cos they may not understand

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