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Portal Mods?


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I need to mod portals to instant transport to other parts of the map. I would like to use the sign mod one. But I am not sure what it is called. This is my last hurdle to starting my test server for our gaming portal. I will post another thread soon for it. But I need to kick around the forums for a while and get an idea what to put in the thread. All suggestions are welcome.

And Technic is AWESOME!!


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I do not have an admin g plugin yet either. Suggestions are welcome. What is the best portal Mod?

I will be using the standard Tekkit Mods with a Modified MC edited map on the server.

Are there any other Mods I need to consider?

And did I post in the right area?

And I would be willing to be in game indentured servant for help with any problems I have. My needs are usually basic in this regard.

Thanks again!

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