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Transferring entities..


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Trying to figure out what pipes to use to transfer items.. instead of using hoppers... Anyone have an idea?...

i cant find them anywhere.. i have a BUNCH of ME cables.. Copper wire..  universal cable (Electricity only) mechanical pipe (Liquid only)

I cant find a cable/pipe/tube/wire that will transfer blocks.. can anyone help with this?


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Mek item pipes are called logistical item transporters, try those. 

when i type in logi I get 3 different types of missles.. No pipes... when i type in transport i get nothing... when i type in item, i get an item collecter and an item router.. but still no pipes...

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I just tried myself and you are right, they are missing. Perhaps this very old version of Mekanism didn't have them. Couldn't find anything else besides AE that would help. 


Did this old version have conveyor belts?

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