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Server Working..... Now server broken? :(

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I have been hosting a standard MC server for months now and decided to change it to a tekkit server, I only ever have maximum 2 people on it at once and all has worked fine untill now?

I downloaded the Tekkit server (latest, as i have downloaded it today) and was all working fine, I dragged my MC world over to my Tekkit folder to keep what I have built etc, and I made a quarry all that sort of thing, played for around an hour and I then turned my computer off and came back to it to find when I run the server - in the cmd screen everything is fine but it seems to now be using up all of my computers memory and causing me major MAJOR lag, i can only just manage to log in but cant even move for the LAG!

Have I changed something or am i missing something? i have re-downloaded the Tekkit Server and followed a few youtube videos (as if to start from scratch) and nothing has worked?

Help please!

Errors in cmd =

[WARNING] Cant Keep Up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

This is going off every 10 seconds - This was never an issue 4 hours ago?


Update -

Created a blank world, also used a singleplayer map i once played on, and they both work fine with no lag, only the world with "tekkit" things on it, which did work fine, now doesnt?

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This should probably be in Server Op Swap Shop or the Bug area, but I'll throw a bone anyway...

Try installing CommandBook, then run /remove items 100 (this will remove any item entities). If that works, immediately shut off your quarry or whatever it is you may have running that is generating entities as it's overflowing and spilling them everywhere causing your issue.

(Just did a quick google, ClearLagg appears to do the same thing without requiring everything + kitchen sink.. just run /lagg clear )

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