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[3.1.2]EpicnessCraft[PvP][32 slots][Open][Chestshop][Permissions][Essentials][iconomy]


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Welcome to another world of Tekkit! EpicnessCraft is just like normal Minecraft but with Tekkit installed. With all these added features your imagination will go wild! We have a list of added plugins and none of the general Tekkit implements removed!

Plugins list:

  • Chestshop
  • Essentials
  • Essentialschat
  • Essentialsspawn
  • Permissions
  • Worldedit (Only admins can use this)
  • Worldguard
  • iConomy

Everything in Tekkit is still here, even nukes... Don't abuse them and we won't disable them!

EpicnessCraft has been around for a while now and have had several different servers each one we have either had to close down due to griefing or due to not being able to fund the server. But now we are back with more dosh means more server time, we wanted to try something a little different which is why we added Tekkit to our server, it adds that little "spice" to Minecraft and brings it out to be what Minecraft should be!

This time the server will always be up and never be down unless we announce it for adding new plugins or whatever. It's hosted by Redstonehost so expect good uptime.

Anyone can join the server and play on it, as long as you aren't an idiot there is no reason for us to ban you. If you abuse anything we will ban you or if you bully anyone we will ban you! On that note, here are the rules:

  1. No racism/bullying!
  2. No hacking, any hacking = a permaban, NO exceptions!
  3. No asking for admin, you need to earn that (I'll get on to this later in the post)
  4. No asking for Moderator, you need to earn that!
  5. No sexism/discrimination
  6. PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, and have fun!

With that said, here is how you can get administrative rights:

  1. Working hard pays off!
  2. Helping other players, not just in front of me, but everyone else!
  3. Recommendation from other players that you have helped out etc.
  4. Not being an idiot helps!

Being a 32 slot Tekkit server expect some lag sometimes, with all the machinery anything can go wrong! So remember before joining, once people get on the server and start building up it's gonna get a bit laggy so keep that in mind.

You can also donate to get the VIP rank, with this said you cannot abuse these rights! Here are some of the things you get for donating:

  1. 128 diamonds!
  2. 18 nether chests
  3. 128 golden apples
  4. A command that gives you diamond tools!
  5. A command that gives you diamond armour!
  6. A command that feeds you so you never go hungry again
  7. Potions, loads of potions!
  8. A command that sets you power for your faction!

The VIP rank costs $10, £6 and 7,50 euro. You have to speak to me first in game or message me on the forums/post in the thread. I will then send you the details in which you can send the money to!

After this giant wall of text and information, here is some pictures of our spawn. One of our Veteran admins made this spawn in his spare time. He didn't want to make it too big as he wanted everyone to enjoy there time here and get out there as fast as possible!




Now you've seen those, it's time to join! The server IP is:

We hope you have fun playing on our server! Please message me if anything is wrong and I will sort it out as fast as I can!

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