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[3.1.2]HavocServers SoftCore[PvP & PvE][24][Open][EE is enabled!] No griefing aloud here!


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[!Note! - Jobs plugin is gone, I am working on a new banner]

Server rules:

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Hacks
  3. No Glitching
  4. Don't Dupe
  5. No Spawn killing
  6. Watch your language in chat
  7. Do not ask for items/rank/op
  8. Do not advertise
  9. Respect everyone

No mods are currently removed as we try to keep as many items in our server as we can to keep gameplay as original as we can.

Banned Items:

Explosives - Lag/Griefing

RedMatter Furnace - Used for duping [Available to members as we have a fix for duping]

Transmution Table/Tablet - Used for duping [Available to members as we have a fix for duping]

All Equivalent Exchange rings/amulets/lenses/bands except SwiftWolf and Harvest Band - Over Powered/Bypasses some protection/laggy

Mining Laser - Bypasses protection/laggy

Dummys - Buggy/Laggy

Flails - Buggy/Laggy

ChunkLoading devices (E.g World Anchors) - Stop lag

Infernal Armour - To over powered

Holding the philosopher's stone - Stop griefing

Our plugins include:

Factions - Team up with your friends and have epic PvP battles!

mcMMO - Modified to work with Tekkit items - Earn skills!

LWC - Modified to work with Tekkit blocks - Protect and lock your stuff!

Votifier - Earn rewards for voting!

NoItem - For blocking items that we have to

Essentials - Basic commands for users and staff

PermissionsEx - Ranks :D

PvPTimer - Protection from other players for 2 hours when you first join to stop spawn killing

WorldGuard - Protecting regions

WorldEdit - Helping rolling back griefing and other uses

Tekkit Restrict - Stop duping and logging some EE items

AntiAd - Stop people advertising

LinksOnSigns - So you don't have to remember our URL to vote, all you have to do is hit a sign

iChat - Soon to be HeroChat - Helps with chat formatting

Our server has a no griefing rule so you can build your epic set-ups and not worrie about anyone else griefing it, our staff are friendly and will try to help you with whatever you need. We only ban items that we really need to as to keep as much of Tekkit in as we possibly can, The server is on Normal mode so you wont get 3000 mobs attacking you all the time.

Our server is always 24/7, the only time the server wont be up is if we are doing some work on the server.

At HavocServers we have a great community, everyone is nice to each other and we all get a long. We look for players that know what they are doing, although we do help people with setting up something or with general tips, we also look for mature players who will respect the rules and will look our for other players.

We have no whitelist as we want people to get started straight away and not have to spend time and effort just to join a server, although this can stop griefers we have a plugin that can detect who places blocks, who removes them and we can rollback a area so we don't have to worrie about that.

There is a rank called 'Member' you can obtain this by playing the server for 20 Hours total, when you have Member rank you will be able to use some more items,

Here our a few screenshots of our spawn!




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