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[3.1.2] SturmCraft [PvP/No Griefing][50 Slots][Open][Factions, mcMMO, MobArena][No Buildcraft]

Jadenn Hillier

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Server IP: tekkit.sturmcraft.tk [Default Port]

Website: http://sturmcraft.tk/

24/7 Uptime

50 Player Slots


Come join us at SturmCraft, a unique PvP, Factions and RPG experience. We are always open to suggestions, we are community-driven!

Some shots of work from our in-house pixel artist:



Banned Items

  • Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite, Dynamite-o-mote
  • Industrial TNT, TNT Cart
  • Ring of Ignition, Zero Ring, Void Ring, Black Hole Band
  • Nuke, Nova Cataclysm, Nova Catalyst, Destruction Catalyst
  • Dimensional Anchor, World Anchor, Anchor Cart
  • Evertide Amulet, Volcanite Amulet
  • Mercurial Eye, Catalytic Lens, Hyperkinetic Lens
  • RM Furnace, Morning Star, RM Katar
  • MK3 Collector/Relay
  • Watch of Flowing Time, Mining Laser


  • Coloured Names and prefixes
  • Chest Shops
  • Auctions
  • Factions
  • Ships
  • LWC
  • Marriage
  • Mob Bounty
  • Mob Arenas
  • mcMMO
  • World Border

A user of ours made a zen garden in the nether:


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