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need help with my server


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hi there

so about a week ago i bought a new computer. and on my old computer i could host a tekkit ser perfectliy alomst but not with to many players

but now when i try to host the server no one finds it so i try to use hamatchi but it did't but now i can join though hamatchi whit out local host but my friends can't even ditect it

so how can i mabye fix it

so plz

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Could be any number of issues especially since we don't know how the old computer was configured

Wrong IP on new computer

Friends have wrong IP

Port forwarding to old computer

Bad settings in hamatchi (never used it )

Firewall issues

Bad IP/Port settings in the server config

My advice is to do a little bit of research on networking or post some more details and run your post through a spell check please

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