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[3.1.2] NinjaCraft [PvE][192 Slot][Open][EE Enabled, GriefPrevention, TekkitRestrict]


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Expected Server Uptime:

24/7 - We have a dedicated, lag free, server, brought to you by AvanteHosting.net!

Server Description:

NinjaCraft was created to be a home for my ninja's! Who are these ninja's? They're anyone that follows my youtube channel or livestream. From there the server became popular thanks for tekkitserverlist.com and now is home to many people who are just looking for a lag free, grief free, and EE enabled server! We're looking for more players, and as such have expanded our server listing to other websites!

What is your staff like?

Not gonna lie, our staff is like family. We're all in a skype call every day playing the same games and working on the server. We have a organised structure to how things are dealt with on the server, and as such, there is no confusion as to what needs to be done in ANY situation. If someone is griefing, insta perm ban. No questions asked.

What kind of players are you looking for?

Ideally, anyone who is mature, respects others, and has fun building epic factories and structures/pixel art. However, any minecraft server will have its immature, little kid, griefers. Who we insta ban.

Any Whitelist/Greylist?

While we dont have a whitelist or greylist, we do however require players to be on the server for a minimum of 20 minutes before they can build. This provides a small barrier that stops players from

NinjaCraft RULES

#1 - Listen to the Admins & Moderators, they know best.

#2 - No Griefing!

#3 - Do NOT modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.

#4 - Do NOT build single towers or tunnels.

#5 - Do NOT flatten any areas.

#6 - Your creations must have a linking road.

#7 - Never build too high.

#8 - Report all wrong doings through /modreq.

#9 - Read our banned items list before complaining.

Banned Items:

[1] Mining Lasers & All Forms of Catalysts

[2] Nukes, TNT, Industrial TNT and Dynomite

[3] World Anchors and Dimensional Anchors

[5] Red Matter Gem Armor and Red Matter Furnaces

[6] REP's and DM Pedestal's

[7] MK3 Energy Collectors and Relays (They're Super OP! MK2's are Donator Only)

[8] Watch Of Flowing Time, Evertide and Volcanic Amulets

[9] Teleporters and Teleport Tethers

[10] Block Breakers and Water strainers

[11] Transmutation Tables

[12] Ender Chest's and Force Fields's

[13] Mecurial Eye & All rings (except Swift and Harvest)

Major Plugins:

GriefPrevention, TekkitRestrict, CoreProtect, BuyRegion, BuyCraft, ChestShop, AutoRank, PermissionsEx, Essentials, World Edit, World Guard, Vault, Trade, SimpleSpleef, SignLift, ReportRTS, ScheduledAnnouncer, PTweaks, NoItem, Multiverse, MCDocs, LWC, dynmap (Link To DynMap)

Other Ranks:

Donation ranks are available in game through the command /buy, or at jeremydwayne.com/ranks but are not required to build on our server!

[Promo Video Coming Soon!]


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Hokay then. Seems a bit short, but you should probably put that in your OP.

tbh its not that short. If you go up 50 blocks into the sky you have a ton of room between you and the ground. We haven't had any issues with huge ugly factories that go above that so its really not that big of a deal, not like we're gonna ban someone for doing it.

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