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Just wondering, but will there potentially be a change to the mod versions in Tekkit?

Some of the mods included in Tekkit aren't at their latest version. In fact, it looks like Tekkit uses the earliest 1.2.5 version of the mod.

For example, ComputerCraft is currently at version 1.42 (Mod version). That is for 1.3.2 (Minecraft Version). There is however, a version 1.41 (Mod Version) of ComputerCraft that works for 1.2.5 However, Tekkit comes with version 1.33 of ComputerCraft. Version 1.41 has more features and several stability and bug fixes according to the developer.

I used ComputerCraft as an example, but I am confident the other mods in Tekkit have more-up-to-date versions that are still compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5.

I posted this because most newer versions have more features and things like bug fixes. Who doesn't like bug fixes?

Basically, I am just asking WHY hasn't the people at Technic updated the mods to more current versions that work with 1.2.5? I see no reason why not? More features is generally good and bug fixes are definitely good!

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