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[3.1.2]Rainbow-Tekkit[PvE w/ limited PvP][60 slots][Open][iconomy][No EE][LWC] PONIES!


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Rainbow-Tekkit [3.1.2] has gone through a series of new changes and improvements, including a new server map, so we felt it best to revamp our forum post to match our server.


(IP for those who cannot view the above picture:

Rainbow-Tekkit [3.1.2] provides an atmosphere with the following benefits:

-donations (donations are not required to play, they simply help maintain the server)




-antigriefing measures


-easy admin applications (and plenty of positions to fill)

-shops (for donators)




-down to earth admins

-minor friendly content with 18+ sections on our site, teamspeak, and server.

As well as providing these, we have a section on our website for donators to show off their let's play videos and regular players to show off any videos they film on our server.

All players are welcome to join, but those who have a non-normal sense of humour are generally preferred. Again, we try to keep our daytime hours clean for regular users.


Mods removed from Tekkit: EE



#1 No griefing spawn.

#2 Taking from chest period is no longer allowed. It does not matter if the home is already griefed or not. If it doesn't belong to you, do not destroy it.

#3 No spamming chat.

#4 No advertising other servers in chat. (There is a difference between advertising and talking about a server you play on. We consider it advertising when you list the IP or website).

#5 No building lag devices. If we find that the server is crashing when you log in, we reserve the right to ban you, due to the fact that this is a common occurrence when people have built lag devices in their home. If you notice that the server goes down when you try to log in, please contact us on the forums.

#6 No killing people in their own home, or spawn camping.

#7 No exploiting of in-game bugs.

#8 Try to keep your swearing down. It is not against the rules to swear, but we may ask you to limit yourself if you abuse this... and not heeding THAT request is against the rules.


Items banned:

No items are banned, however, we restrict items deemed to be easily used for griefing to our donators.


Expected uptime:

24/7 unless an unexpected crash occurs.



A top down view of our spawn




Rainbow Dash!


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Word of advice: fix the thread title, and read the stickies.

I messed up on the title, and could neither delete or change it until it was reviewed by a moderator. I spent a deal of time editing the rest of the post, and now intend on fixing it.

This, it doesn't fill me with confidence in this server if the owner can't even follow a basic rule.

I believe you'll find that the entire rest of the post followed the rules laid out in the sticky. However, I mistakenly left my "place holder" title and forgot to change it before posting. The post had to go through moderator approval before I could delete it or change the title with the "more options" sections. Immediately upon it being approved, I had planned to edit the title, which is exactly what I have recently done. It wasn't me ignoring the rules, I was quite careful to do so. It was an honest mistake, which I had attempted to fix during the editing process, but was unable to.

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The server has a great community and the staff are friendly as well as helpful. The owner has started to take more of an active role in getting the server completely up to date with all the plugins and has started eliminated the bugs from the server. The server is themed for bronies but don't let that discourage people who aren't bronies, the server community accepts and welcomes anyone to join and play on the server. As long as you read all the rules and take not of all the banned items you will have a great time on the server.

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I've been on this server for months, since before the map reset a while ago. I've only found one other server I enjoy being on as much as this one. The people here are usually very friendly and helpful. Most of the staff is quite knowledgeable about a lot of things and are always willing to help when they can. I could go on and on and make a wall-o-text, but I'll just leave it at that.

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After being on here for quite some time, and checking out different servers, I've realized that this server is much better than any other servers you may find out there. With a crash every blue moon, it is getting better every time I come on the server. And I couldn't even imagine how much more we could put into the server yet!

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I really like this server. I am not just saying this, I have been playing on it for a descent amount of time and the lag isn't that bad. The people are nice. The rules are just and laws are enforced. Now you may think "LAW"? What I mean is fair trials as well as a good amount of warnings. I really like this server. It is my top tekkit server I play on. Thank you marcownz for creating a great server.

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Don't let the ponies and rainbows deter you: This server isn't all about them. Its about an interesting server that seems to be growing, despite its setbacks.

Banned items are quite fair, and not entirely banned in 100% of the game.

The server also seems to be somewhat organized in its spawn, and it looks like the expansion of free build outside of spawn looks to be great. Beyond that, there's not much to say. Its a Tekkit server that has chosen its policies well, as evidenced by the setup of spawn.

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