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Torchlight 2 Builds. Contribute yours or get them here


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Being new to the whole ARPG type of games, Diablo 3 being my first, I was kind of daunted with Torchlight 2 for giving me the freedom of either making a jack of all trades or a specialized class. Most of the time I end up making a shitty mix that end's up being unsatisfying on both fronts, and I tend to like guides a lot. Therefore, post torchlight 2 builds here or just give constructive criticism on builds currently on the page.

Got mine off a guide, so here it goes:

Engineer- Tank



Aegis of fate - might replace

Fire & spark

Sword & board




Shield Bash

Heal bot

Spider mines

Seismic Slam





When those stats stop being effective to increase go all strength

The build works like this; fire & spark, sword & board, and supercharge increase my attack, while Bulwark and aegis of fate make you tanky. You use shield bash to generate charge, and use all that charge with forcefield for extra defense. Seismic Slam and Onslaught are used when you have the defense up, and heal bot with spider mines are to complement things.

Its clearly a shield and one handed build, and I'm not sure if its any good seeing as how two handed seems to do a lot more damage. Really, most of my abilities are to make up for that lack of dps and they don't seem to do that good of a job. I hear aegis and forcefield counteract each other, but I haven't leveled aegis enough to find out.

Any other builds are welcome, and if you have some advice for me feel free to share.

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