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Reactor setups and dispersers


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Hi all

My nuclear reactor trundles along in its safe little world, pumping out a pathetic 120 EU

Time to ramp it up...

But.. I have not tried anything above 'safe'.

The reactor is setup with a fully automated system that can fill the reactor with any layout I like.

My computer system is set so that I can pick one configuration out of a possible 10, and it will automatically set the reactor up.

However, this is all theory... I have a factory that creates uranium cells, coolant cells and ice blocks if I need them.

But, on the more powerful reactors... do the heat dispersers get used up?

If yes, then I need to add a production line for those as well, and add them to the computer before starting up the system.

Or, should the reactor - whatever its power, not use up its cooling if it is setup correctly?

I am guessing if you run at a higher power, then cooling gets used up regardless.


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