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how do you Automatically Save-all and Backup server


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I recently started hosting my own server from my own computer so me and my friends can enjoy the Tekkit mod pack together and I have the server running 24/7. however I don't think that the server is saving it self while it is up because when I look through the CMD file the only time I see save-all is when I stop the server to reboot it. needless to say this is a problem if it is not auto saving lets say power goes out or computer locks up, I don't want everyones hard work to be lost. ive scoured websites and forums and I just can not find out how to have my server save-all automatically without me having to shut the server down to do so. I also can not figure out how to automatically back up my server into a folder incase the files become corrupted.

1) How do I make the server SAVE-ALL automatically (like every 15 minutes is fine)

2) How do I make the server back-up automatically (preferably every day)

any help with these two would be greatly appreciated.

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