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Power from MFSU


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Hello. I want to give electricity to machines like, electric furnace, macerator, extractor etc. I put the MFSU, and i connected it with a solar panel. It gets power just fine, so it has like 50.000, but now I would like with this power to give electricity to my machines, but I can't figure out how. I guess I need some cable to put it in the orange dot, and connect it to my machines, but It doesn't seem to work at all. Usually the machine explodes (not the MFSU). What I am doing wrong? I am new to tekkit so I don't know much things, What cable would I need? Also would I need anything else or I can directly connect MFSU to my machines?

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Understand voltage.

Batbox will give out 32eu (LV, or Low Voltage)

MFE will give out 128eu (MV, or Medium Voltage)

MFSU will give out 512eu (HV, or high voltage)

A lot of the machines you want to run require a MAXIMUM of Low Voltage, or they will explode. Also take care of the wires you use as there is both a maximum voltage they can handle as well as energy loss depending on the length of wire you have.

It is good practice do to the following:

Only use tin, insulated copper, or glass fibre cable.

Tin cable is perfect for running very low voltage energy (from solar panels (not to be confused with solar arrays), windmills, and water mills) to a storage device. You will only lose energy every 41st section of tin cable.

Copper cable is good for LV short distances. You will lose energy every 6th run of wire.

Glass fibre can handle all voltages (except EHV) and has the same loss as tin (can go 40 lengths before loss).

Read up on IC2 wiring, machines, and so forth on the wiki and via google searches. Primarily, you will want to look into transformers.

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