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Making my RedPower Elevator better?


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Well I made a red power elevator and it took me over 3 hours to make it because I kept messing up on small things. Basically when someone presses a button to for down an RS latch switches which makes them unable to press the button again (for button spamming purposes). A t flip flop then switches which activates a timer. On each timer pulse it goes to the frame motor and it increments a counter. When the counter reached 14 it will flip the t flip flop again and stop the motors. Is there a way I could make the same button on each level make the elevator go up and down? I just tried making the wire of each button connect to both the up an down circuit but that takes away from the point of the anti-spam device because if they press the button 2 times in a row the elevator will get messed up and it will push the elevator through the ceiling. So, is there any way I can make the button on each floor make the elevator go up and down? I need to keep the spam device so if someone presses a button 10 times it will only keep going up/down and it won't respond to multiple button presses. Any ideas?

As you can see, I have my wires running all over the place. :/


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That is going to be hard I think with redstone wiring... you will end up with a huge room full of it.

My elevator is controlled by a computer. Its a lot easier to program it to do exactly what you want, rather than huge amounts of wiring.

You can program some simple = anti spamming - protection into that.

I also have a redstone torch built into the side of my elevator that lines up with a color on a bundled cable for each floor. That way, I get a report back to the computer of exactly where it is.

Probably no help however if you can't program computers! Its not anywhere near as hard as you think however.

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