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[3.1.3]DreamCraft [Arena PvP], [70 Slots], [Open], [24/7], [EE- Enabled], [ChopTree2]


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TeamSpeak Ip: teamspeak.dreamteamgaming.org:10257


Welcome to DreamCraft! We are a medium sized server dedicated to our players! The server's spawn is a large spacious village with many exciting features to check out such as the PvP Arena and the mall and much, much more!



DreamCraft is a medium sized tekkit server and community. Players maintain friendly relationships with one another. Plugins are installed to prevent greifing, etc. DreamCraft is about building what your heart desires! Nobody should be able to destroy whatever you create. In DreamCraft we truly achieve our tekkit dreams!


Before joining you may wonder, "Why DreamCraft?" What's so special about this server that I would want to play on it. DreamCraft is not just a server, we are a community. Not only do we play tekkit but we build together, talk on teamspeak, and help each other out. DreamCraft has something for everyone to do. Like PvP, then go to the pvp arena. If you like Survival Games then just type /sg join to join the games. Or are you a monster slayer? No problem just go to out mob arena. And if you just like building then just warp to the build zone to get started. If you need help starting out, or you have never played tekkit, not to worry. Players or staff members can help you out with any problems you may encounter. If you want a friendly community, and a server with things for everyone, then DreamCraft is the place for you. So why not join in and give it a try?


In DreamCraft everything can be protected! If you would like to protect your land just ask an admin or myself, if you would like to protect chests or furnaces just use the LWC plugin! DreamCraft is about building what you like. Nothing will stop you from achieving it, protecting your land and items is one step towards your goal.


There are a set of rules to keep our server clean and running. If players are caught disobeying the rules punishment will occur. The rules are as follow:

  • No Spamming- Nobody wants their chatbox to be filled with constant spam
  • No Griefing- This is a building server, you grief your out... No warnings
  • No Stealing- People work had for their items, caught stealing once it's a warning, next time it will be a lot more of a serious punishment
  • No Harassment- This should be commons sense, do not make players feel as if they are unwanted on the server... They are exactly the same as you are.
  • No Advetising- This includes other servers, websites or anything un-server related. You will be muted for advertising.
  • No Duplication- Others get their items legitimately, you should too. Duping is a ban.
  • No Hacked Clients- If you can't play without cheating then go on another server. This server is not for cheaters.
  • Don't Leave Machines or Engines on When Offline- This one goes on the honor system. If you leave your complicated machinery or engines on when you are offline you are just causing lag. So please turn it off.


The player economy on DreamCraft is well organized. Plugins are installed for players to be able to own shops that will automatically sell items in stock. As well as shops players have a good sense of value of items and know what is worth how much.


When you join in game please read the rule board located in the spawn area, then give yourelf a tour of the vast spawn area, after wards you may play Mob Arena or Survival Games or just warp to the build zone to get going!


-Mob Arena

-Pvp Arena

-Survival Games


-Tour The World!


  • Survivor- This is the default rank. When you join the server you will automatically become a survivor. This is the lowest player rank.
  • Trusted- After playing for 25 hours you will become a trusted. After becoming trusted players know that you have been around for a while and they can trust you.
  • Veteran- After sticking around for a grand total of 75 hours in-game you will be rewarded with the veteran title. This will show that you have stuck around for quite a while and deserve the rank of Veteran.
  • Legend- Legend is the highest player rank. Players must have played for 100 hours in game to receive this title. It is an honor in the dreamcraft community to be a legend. Players look up to legends for anything from help, to trusting them with holding items, etc.
  • Mod- Mod is the first staff rank. Players with mod have earned the owners trust and are deserving of the title. Mods have the power to mute players, jail, ban and kick. If you are caught breaking the rules a mod will usually be on to punish you. Don't break the rules!
  • Admin- Admins have the highest power on the server besides the owner and co-owner. Admins have all staff powers enabled and are on the server to help anybody with anything need be. Have a problem Just contact an admin and they will be there to solve it. If an admin catches you breaking the rules you will be punished immediately no questions asked.









-Manta Mob Control

-Mob Arena



-Scheduled Announcer

-World Edit

-World Guard

-Survival Games


Disabled Items:



-Red Tools (Griefing)

-Black Hole Band (Duping Glitch)

-Ring of Arcana (Fire Bypasses Protections)

-Evertide and Volcanite Amulets (Bypass Protections)

Disabled Mods:

Balkons Weapons- For the most part this server is not for pvp. Pvp is only available in the pvp arena, therefore this mod will not work wiell with the server. The Balkons weapons mod bypasses the pvp block in most areas of the world, and allows player killing outside of the arena. So we are sorry to disable the weapons in this mod.


Server Spawn:


Un-named Castle:




Community Build Projects:


Castle Style Survival Games:


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the server is fun but i did have problems with stuff being stolen like my machines and ee gear so i do not recimend

I'm sorry that some stuff was stolen, however we have now fixed this problem. I hope you may come back :( Just place a sign on anything you would like locked. Also remember to claim your land using your faction. This will make sure nothing is stolen from you.

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Im just gonna say it one last time! I LOVE THIS SERVER!!!! They got a very very funny & nice peoples to play with on this server! Its safe to build and survival in! Them griefers don't have a chance at all! This is why this server is my favorite for all time! In addition The owner is the best server owner you will ever have for a server He is nice, helpful, and just too awsome, and etc. I give this server a 5 out of 5!! - CHEESEMAN754

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TeamSpeak is like a large skype call, users are able to talk to each other while gaming. It's a good experience to get to know other players, and make new friends. Our teamspeak currently is not 24/7, however it is on from approximatley 4:00p.m. Central Time (GMT -6) to around 7:00a.m. Go to www.teamspeak.com for more information :)

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Love this server, though i seem to be having some disconnecting issues and i have only once fleetingly been able to get onto your website.

Our website is having some issues at the moment due to it's hosting service switching databases. It should be running normally soon, glad you love the server though :) The disconnecting is due to the game just being tekkit. So once in a while the server auto restarts itself.

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Our website is having some issues at the moment due to it's hosting service switching databases. It should be running normally soon, glad you love the server though :) The disconnecting is due to the game just being tekkit. So once in a while the server auto restarts itself.
the server is down any idea when it will be up its been down for a few hours
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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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