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[3.1.2] GDD|Craft [PvP][50 slots][Automatic Greylist][Towny, ChestShops, Hawkeye][No CC]


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A Great Tekkit Experience! - 50 Slots - 24/7 - Towny - ChestShops - and More!

http://www.gddcraft.com - Server Address: play.gddcraft.com

TeamSpeak3 is at gddcraft.com

We are now running Tekkit 3.1.2!

Server InfoWe run the server on dedicated and powerful hardware located in a private datacenter in Chicago. Interested in the exact server specifications? We run two Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.4Ghz Quad Core CPU's, 48 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1 SSD's for integrity and speed and all of this is running on Debian machine. Yeah, it's ridiculously fast.

Although GDD|craft is nearly brand new and in beta we only have a few dedicated players and are looking to expand. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful community. We do require approval to become a citizen for build rights, but this is part of what keeps the community so great! No one likes a griefer ruining everyone's fun. No worries though! Our applications is simple and we getting approved usually happens within 30 minutes of posting your application.

FeaturesGDD|CRAFT runs a variety of plugins to enhance each players experience on the server. The plugins we currently run are listed below:

  • Towny
    LWC (Chest Protection)
    Mob disguise
    Death Chest

Towns can be created by any citizen and are a great way to work together on the server. City power grids anyone? We also sell market plots in a public marketplace accessible by warps. We keep our plugin list rather short. We still want the main focus of the server to always be Tekkit itself!

Disabled Mods/Items:BuildCraft, Nukes; Mining Laser, a few EE tools

Joining us is very easy. Either post on our forums, gddcraft.com

or join us in game. Any registered member can promote a guest to citizenship every week so no waiting for staff.

While awaiting citizenship you can still log in to the server and explore as a visitor!

Server Address: play.gddcraft.com

To register sign up for a account at the top of this page, once you have registered in the server type /sync username password. if you have any problems post on the forums.

Our Current Spawn ( offering a bank, public machines and a soon to be adminshop)2012-07-02_22.55.46.png

Our Power station- every citizen has access to one of the three city power grids, not enough to run a massfab, but enough to run simple machines



questions and concerns can be posted in the forums or directly emailed to the server owner at [email protected]

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