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  1. I saw that you registered on the website, all you have to do is /sync in game and your all set. the whitelist is automatic.
  2. A Great Tekkit Experience! - 50 Slots - 24/7 - Towny - ChestShops - and More! http://www.gddcraft.com - Server Address: play.gddcraft.com TeamSpeak3 is at gddcraft.com We are now running Tekkit 3.1.2! Server InfoWe run the server on dedicated and powerful hardware located in a private datacenter in Chicago. Interested in the exact server specifications? We run two Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.4Ghz Quad Core CPU's, 48 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1 SSD's for integrity and speed and all of this is running on Debian machine. Yeah, it's ridiculously fast. Although GDD|craft is nearly brand new and in bet
  3. upload Tekkit.jar to the same dir as craftbukkit.jar. rename craftbukkit.jar to craftbukkit.jar.bak then rename Tekkit.jar to craftbukkit.jar and tell mcyadmin not to update
  4. I am working on a dayz section of my server world, besides looking at how to speed up zombies/ make them stronger it is going to be a pure tekkit build with deployers spawning zombies and random loot being pumped into chests around the world. everything should be controlled by interactive player presence with randomizers determining how big a zombie horde can spawn, from 0 to 12. once done I will release a schematic. as of now I have cordoned off a 1000x1000 section of my map having a diverse landscape and have started experimenting the best way to start the game play aspect. if you would li
  5. well the the server is up and your welcome to join
  6. I cant promise just you and me, but a small server i can. gddcraft.com
  7. you should upload it, would make my day --edit-- using most of the design from littleweseth, I am working on a tekkit version. most of the logic is done, though a bit of work is left. On the other hand i have added shields, heat monitoring and I have dabbled a bit in making it computer controlled(rp2), at the moment there is just a password failsafe, but i want to remove the button resets and instead make them words. early images, http://imgur.com/a/MxjPO --edit-- computer now only lets one set of doors being open and activates a similar scram system to empty reactors. working on
  8. your up is way too slow bro
  9. gddcraft.com 24/7. permissions are not reset up yet so if you let me knoe on the forums when your on ill op ya.
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