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[3.1.2]RefreshProjects[PvP/PvE][20slots][Open][Factions,Economy,ChestShop][No Banned Items]


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Server Name: Becca- RefreshProjects - Tekkit


Server Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Population: 35 slots, 30-40 Regular Players.

IP: Becca.RefreshProjects.com

Server Rules:

We have very few "rules" more expectations:

1) Play Nice - Some people are happy with PvP and others just like being on a server to show off their building skill and enjoy the community, please respect people in both groups.

2) No Griefing

3) Use common sense, courtesy and decency

4) In other words, play nice


No mods have been disabled, however EE has been modified to allow for easier rollbacks of greifed land.


We also have an online shop allowing players to purchase upgrades from plugins such as more slots for the backpack plugin, harder to get in-game items and VIP ranks. Although we may promote the web-shop a lot everything you can buy in the shop you are able to get in-game at no expense other than playtime, the shop is mealy there to help players who do not have the time required to stay competitive. (and help generate a little towards the cost of keeping the server running)

How and Why we started:

We started off as just a small group of regular players who enjoyed playing together so much we made our own server, after a couple of weeks we found that the play-style was so great that we decided to open it up to the public and let everyone else share in the fun!

We are now so successful that we have been able to move it to a paid professional hosting plan to limit downtime and expand our player-base while maintaining a lag free experience! Now we actually run our own hosting service. Selling the same great servers that we use to others!


We often engage in fun activities such as DropParties, PVP WarZones/Duels.

Who are we looking for:

We are looking for more like minded respectful players to come and have fun with us, we welcome players who enjoy playing with other people not against them. We also aim not just to play together in this game, but also many others!

Ranks and Restrictions:

While we do not take any steps to ban or block items to players we do restrict their usage to players who have been playing long enough to show that they care about our server. This is done through the use of ranks and auto-promotion features provided by "OnTime"

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HI! its me andwj!!!!

i was on my wait to ur server, but then it says 15/15 !!!!!

then i played other games, checked the list sometimes, then it says 16/15 OMG xD

the back to 15/15, but i just want to say, Add VIP login! like if the server is full the VIP can

join when its full or not!


By The way, LOVE UR SERVER, but cant get inn xD

Add be to the List if creating one!


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Hello, earlier today I was playing on your server and about to raid stowty's faction. Then all of a sudden iliketurtles started saying I was annoying and a greifer. I couldn't greif the faction because it was claimed!!!! I was just trying to kill one of the members. I was trying to explain to iliketurtles but it was like talking to a wall. Then he banned me. I don't greif i don't spam or ask questions. I guess I tried to raid one of iliketurtles's friends. Please unban me I did nothing to offend anyone. I just joined yesterday and it is probably my favorite server. Thank you for listing!

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Well this is very dissapointing to see an owner who really doesn't care. I've moved on to other, far more advanced servers . But I hope you will not take abusive staff so lightly in the future, because after awhile when new players defeat regular players the regulars will have admins just ban them. So then all you'll have is a handful of full time players.

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well in my opionon you pissed off the owner so he banned you, after all it is his server not yours

and also - "Some people are happy with PvP and others just like being on a server to show off their building skill and enjoy the community, please respect people in both groups."

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