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Tekkit Question Server help


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I think you can just contact a vanilla server and ask them, "Hey, do you run modded servers?"

If they say yes, you can then proceed to say, "Okay, use the server from www.technicpack.net - their Tekkit server build is easy for you and me - all you have to do is download and run it, with little to no configuration problems."

Then they'll charge you monthly as per usual for server renting.

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hey if someone can tell me i need help this is the error im getting

and here whats in my tekkit sever folder please if someone can help please replay

Unless the Hacker Viking moved it, the sticky should be here (Link).

Oh hey, I just looked and it's still at the top of this board. Above all the other threads. Where you literally have to look at it, choose to ignore it, then threadjack.

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