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  1. Glad so see you dropping by now and then :)

    1. Adlersch


      Thanks. I'd post way more often, but you know how life can be. :P

  2. Adlersch

    Planetside 2

    I went from 25fps in the biggest battles to 40+ steadily. It was a huge, huge boost to me (Barely above minimum specs in most aspects, minimum in most others). Although now I crash way more often, and the game hitches now and then, not that I've ever been bothered by <1 second of lag.
  3. If it was in the interest of keeping someone you love safe when you know they're in danger, then how far is too far? For me, I don't think there is a point at which I would stop and say, "This is just too much. I must risk their lives." Likewise, I'll say that what you did is justified in the interests of protecting your brother. However, it is now your responsibility to respect his privacy and not mention this to him or anyone else that knows him. Even if you know his deepest, darkest secret, as long as it doesn't threaten to hurt him, you need to let him keep on thinking his secret i
  4. We need a crash log or something. Give us more - we need to know hard data about what went wrong that screwed up your server. We can't just start going, "Is this your problem? Try this. If it works then this was your problem. If not then try this... etc." We don't have time for that, you don't have time for that, nobody wants to deal with that. With a crash log, however, more than likely someone can figure out what's wrong just by reading it. Edit: Also, it'd help immensely if you put this in the Tekkit Bug Board. Because Quoth the Kaker, in the sticky thread. You'd have mu
  5. Going to assume by Tekkit you mean the Technic Pack. If so... On Windows 7 (Maybe Windows XP) go to C:>Users>(Your name)>AppData>Roaming Then delete .technic Then go delete the launcher from your desktop or wherever you are keeping it. The launcher is not a shortcut, so if you want the Technic Pack gone for good, delete that too. If you don't, though, you can always run the launcher again and it'll reinstall .technic and whichever modpacks you play. HOWEVER If you only want to delete Tekkit, you'll have to go from Roaming>.technic>(Name of the pack you wan
  6. That's generally not considered an excuse around here. All members are 100% expected to be familiar with The Rules, new or otherwise. And ETA is exactly what you asked. It literally means, "Estimated Time of Arrival." The only answer we can give you (And likely the only answer you'll get from anyone, even platform devs) is "It'll happen when it happens." and/or "It'll be done when it's done. I'm sorry I can't give you a better answer, but that's all I know.
  7. This is the wrong section. General chat is for general discussion. ie."Should creepers be purple instead of green?" "No, what the hell is wrong with you?" It literally says, Since this is a technical error of some sort, I'd suggest scrolling down to the bug reporting section, in which you can find reliable help (If you pay attention and provide sufficient information with a degree of legibility). There are many sections to choose from, so use that big ol' brain of yours and find the correct one.
  8. From my understanding those cases are quite isolated and only in pretty extreme/lucky circumstances and almost never by request IIRC.
  9. I would never say anything. Anyone stupid enough to make any of those statements is obviously not worth a second glance, especially on the internet.
  10. You're not obnoxious at all. You have certainly proven your innocence to me.
  11. While it may or may not be taken as 'proof,' I have a couple statements from Valve employees that the raising of game prices before sales is untrue. Pages 2 (Link) and 3 (Link)
  12. I think you may have missed the RECRUITMENT MEGATHREAD sticky.
  13. To quote luke, "Try. Fail. Learn." Rinse and repeat until you perfect it.
  14. A blade with which to slay your rivals. Good. Soon none will stand between you and submitting your armor design for Minecraft.
  15. Now is your chance, young lord! You must overcome this obstacle. Learn the mystical art of 3D modeling and you will be unstoppable! The Vile legacy will live in more than just armors: Mobs, tools, nothing will be unedited by your mastery of the rendering arts!
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