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[3.1.2]ECG Tekkit[PvP/PvE][50][Open][Economy] [Grief Prevention] [24/7][Dedicated]


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East Coast Gaming (ECG) Tekkit is a friendly and mature community with a lag-free and reliable Tekkit server. The server is community ran and is dedicated to survival mode Tekkit. The server has 50 slots and is hosted on a high-speed dedicated server, which also hosts our TeamSpeak3 server, allowing players to communicate and share a laugh. Our community not only plays Tekkit, but also a variety of other games.


  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Centralized and creative spawn.
  • Player Markets
  • Server Store
  • Economy
  • Easy Land Protection using Grief Prevention
  • Use LWC to easily protect your chests, machines, and more.
  • Fully Functional Subway/Transportation System!
  • PvP and Mob Arena!

We use Tekkit 3.1.2.

Disabled Items: Equivalent Exchange, ComputerCraft, WirelessRedstone, EnderChest, Mining Laser, Chunk Loaders, Teleport Pipes. We also have items that need to be earned or unlocked via promotion.

Our economy allows players to buy, sell, and trade for everything from resources and tools to land.


  • No Spamming - Once again, we are a mature community, there is no need to spam "lols".
  • No Griefing - We don't tolerate any kind of griefing, if it's not yours, don't touch it.There's no exceptions to this rule.
  • No Hacks and Exploits
  • Machines must be turned off when logging off! - Nobody wants a full chest shooting out extra blocks of dirt, so turn off your machines when you log off.

Information on joining, commands, and the server itself can be found on our site. Have a question? Hit up our forums.


Interested? Check us out


Post your info here then join us online!


Age / Location:

Why do you want to play on ECG Tekkit?

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Username: BOMBER1818

Age / Location 14, United States CA

Why do you want to play on ECG Tekkit? I recently got tekkit and I would like a server that i can make some tekkit things and not get greifed. All the plugins look nice to so i would like to play on a server with nice plugins. I would love the change to get to play on your server.

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