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Teh Kits - a collection of enderstorage kits for playing vanilla maps in tekkit.


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HELLO!!! I'm goreae and I present you with Teh Kits (horrible pun, I know.), a collection of kits for playing survival maps with tekkit, or just to give you a little head start in the game. Below is a list of the kits and their purpose:

the color is the color ender chest for the kit. for example, the mod ore kit is gray-gray-gray

WHITE - Kit Kit: Allows you to take the ender pouches for the other kits out of the white bag.

GRAY - Mod Ores: contains all the ores added by mods.

GREEN - Agriculture Kit: Contains any and all farmable materials, modded or not.

BLACK - Exchanging Kit: contains the items required to begin alchemy with Equivalent Exchange.

BROWN - Vanilla Kit: contains various blocks and items to be taught to the transmutation tablet.

LIME - Mob Kit: contains spawn eggs (and regular eggs) so you can start farming any animal you wish.

YELLOW - Scrapper Kit: contains everything you need (when used with vanilla and agriculture kits) to make almost any item in the game! ( you can make a mass fabricator with that stuff! ;D)

What you use from each kit is up to you. for example, you can use the mob kit, but only use chicken eggs and transmute to any other creature you might want. have fun playing those vanilla maps with some of the most awesome mods out there!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?687d8k985cqetp7

If you really like it, you could diamond the planetminecraft post here. it helps a lot.

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