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[3.1.2]Desolation Tekkit[Mo Creatures][PVP][50 slot][Iconomy][Factions][HardcoreDeathban]


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This is a US server. East Coast. Some UK players can play fine while others have some lag.

- Server Rules -

What you can do:

Steal anything that isn't protected.

Destroy bases that are not protected.

What you cannot do:

You cannot use 3rd party tools to gain an advantage, hacking will get you banned regardless if you donated or did not.

You cannot find exploits to enter force fields and break faction protected land. We have measures in place to find out if you do. This will result in a ban.

The Only way to do this is to purchase a cannon which has a steep price, open to everyone even non donators.

Anyone using banned items to grief terrain exploit or dupe will be banned.

Any form of harassment, sexual, verbal abuse, stalking same person ect ect.

We reserve the right to ban at will regardless of donator status.

Rules on EE (Condensors, Relays, Collectors)

While I do believe these are somewhat overpowered there will be strict rules on these items.

1. All 3 items listed above will only be able to be placed once, so make sure you place them properly. No refunds for misplacing them in the incorrect order/spot.

2. They will be very expensive and only available to those who donate for the basic bronze package or higher.

3. Once you place them you cannot remove them.

4. Possible- Currently working out a way that they cannot be used inside of condensors.

5. Only MK1 relays and collectors will be purchasable. If you wish to upgrade you must craft them.

In Desolation /Sethome is only available to donators, beds are the only way to return to your base unless you are part of a faction then /f home will work.

Follow these rules and have a great time!

Banned items:

RM Morning Star,Quantum Helmet, All Explosives, RM Furnace, RM/Infernal Chest,Project Table, Auto Craft Table, Black Hole Band, Black Hole Chest, Archangels Smite, Destruction Catalyst, Void Ring, Mining Laser, Transmutation Table/Tablet, Watch of flowing time.

A list of banned items will be in place , signs at spawn list the majority. This is subject to change due to balance within the game world. If you are found to have a banned item on you or placed inside your faction you are subject to punishment even if you are a donator. This includes jail time, up to 1-3 day bans even perm bans for repeat offenders.

We are working on tekkitrestrict and going to be allowing more items soon.

Banned Items: Revision.

We are currently revising the banned item list. Some items are being removed from the list being able to be purchased but not crafted.


Most importantly MO Creatures: This is very easy to install and will not interfere with your current tekkit Multiplayer game. So your favorite tekkit server will still be joinable.

For directions on how to install this please visit our website and follow the directions and links.

DeathBan: 20 Credits is the starting lives, after that you must wait 30 minutes after each death.

Factions: Most people know what factions is. If you do not basically its a protection plugin where you create a faction to invite your friends in where you can claim land and attack other factions to weaken their power and claim land over them.




This server is for those who enjoy a challenge and no hand holding. Things like free items, /back /tpa , and /sethome is only available to those who donate.

Desoltion Tekkit is a new take on an old server. Desolation was considered one of the hardest servers you could possibly be on. With an old backing and some anxious players we expect to have a great server to experience tekkit on, both challenging and rewarding. We like to twist the rules a bit to make things a bit harder.

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