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[3.1.2]Tekkit.Me Community[10 slots][Greylist][GriefPrevention][Limited EE][24/7][UK]


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While browsing around, and during my own experience playing Tekkit, I see a lot of players (myself included) wanting somewhere they can play with like minded people without running the risk of their builds being griefed and all the hard work going to waste.

I don't know about you, but this feeling makes it difficult for me to enjoy Tekkit. I don't like investing time into something so easily destroyed on the whim of another. So I set out to offer somewhere people can play with like minded players in small groups to help promote familiarity and build trust. Somewhere you get your say on who you play with.

So bring your friends and lets make some new ones.

~ Mortalife


Tekkit.Me is a Grey-List server; prospective players are encouraged to join the server and chat with members. We employ what I like to call a Player-Moderated Whitelist. Players in each world have a say on who joins their world.

When new worlds become available, members will be given the chance to migrate to establish a initial player base. They will then be responsible for initiating players into their world.


1. Do not grief or steal, however unprotected land is salvageable. So protect your land!

2. Do not use x-ray texturepacks or any third party items that may enhance your gameplay.

3. Do not exploit bugs to cheat, please report any bugs using the /report command with user 'Bug'

4. Behave respectfully to all members in chat, no personal attacks, rudeness or insulting language.

5. Respect the moderators.

6. Do not spawn kill.

7. Do not troll.

8. Follow the rules

It's quite simple, treat each other as you would like to be treated. Be mature, and have fun.


All mods installed except Balkons Weapons Mod

EE is limited, with certain items available via Donor Points.


  • Transmutation Table,
  • Tier 1 and 2 Diving Rod,
  • Repair, Covalence Dust,
  • Fuels,
  • Philosopher's Stone.

Donor Points

  • Condensor, Alchemy Chests,
  • Interdiction Torch,
  • SwiftWolf Ring,
  • Harvest Band,
  • Arch Angel,
  • Soul Stone,
  • Body Stone,
  • Life Stone,
  • Mind Stone,
  • Alchemy Bags,
  • Tier 3 Diving Rod.

Disabled EE

  • Collectors,
  • Relays,
  • Furnaces,
  • Ignition,
  • Zero Ring,
  • Arcana,
  • Void Ring,
  • Blackhole Band,
  • Eternal Density,
  • Watch of Time,
  • Mercurial,
  • Destruction catalyst,
  • HK Lens,
  • HC Lens,
  • DM/RM tools,
  • DM/RM armour,
  • Evertide,
  • Volcanite,
  • Nova Catalyst.



Grief Prevention/Hawkeye/LWC

At Tekkit.Me we use all the protection available, it protects us and it protects you. It might seem like overkill (Which it probably is) but these plugins allow users to place their trust in those they deem worthy. It is the players responsibility to make sure their creations and loot are kept from those they don't wish to access it. If your build gets ruined because you failed to protect it, then don't come running for help. We will however help you in identifying who did it.

GP uses the /Trust, /Untrust, /Accesstrust and /ContainerTrust to allow claim owners to give access to others. For a full list, and for function descriptions please visit. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/grief-prevention/#w-player-command-reference

LWC uses the /Cprivate and /Cmodify commands, which allow players to add people to their chest block protections. Most Tekkit blocks and chests should be added, and issues please report the bug using the format stated in the Rules section. For further information: https://github.com/Hidendra/LWC/wiki/Getting-Started


Tekkit.Me uses Multiverse to create a small game world for each group of players, at the moment only 2 worlds are loaded. Spawn world; this is where you join the game upon The Sparrow, the community command center. From here you can take a helicopter to your world. The current world accepting residents is the Blue world.



We use NoItem/BanRecipe to restrict the items you can hold, place, craft and break. Pretty self explanatory.


At Tekkit.Me we use Royal commands, they offer a large amount of social interaction commands such as Hugs, Facepalms, Slaps and piggie-backs. :) RoyalChat allows for chat channels and player referencing/notifications in chat. For example Hey Mortalfe becomes a formatted Hey @Mortalife. Mortalife will then be notified using a particle effect that a player mentioned their name.


These features require little explaining, WorldBorder limits the size of the world and NoLagg has a few useful features.


If you don't know what this is, then you should probably come out from under that rock once in a while. :) Psst. It fells trees. ;)


Tekkit.Me uses Reporter to handle player issues, be it reports of abuse/griefing, requests or bugs. Admin and Moderators will be notified of any new reports and prompted to investigate. Once issues are resolved or have been responded to players will be notified.

Reports are logged using /Report command in the format. /Report <Player/!/*/Bug> <Details>

Player being the person which the report is about, !or* are to be used when the player is unknown, Bug is used when reporting bugs.

Open Worlds – Blue

Blue world currently has 5 players, however, 2 are inactive and 1 was waiting for the server to go public.

We're looking for another 5-10 people depending on the time zone to join us in Blue world.

To petition for entry, please visit. http://www.tekkit.me.uk/apply

Good luck, and thank you for reading.

Thanks for your patience.

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