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  1. Thanks for your interest Static, you can join by filling out an application as tekkit.me.uk Click Apply. It will then be accepted or declined by server members.
  2. By "help me out" you mean actually mean do it for you? I don't see an inventive for ANYONE to do that. Perhaps you should talk to your players and ask one of them to do it for you, or you could you know, do it yourself. A little at a time; like most people with full time jobs and a social life.
  3. Thank you, Tom. Just want to let everyone know the deadline for Blue world registration is 2nd of October, however we're half way to opening a new world in terms of donations. I want to thank everyone on the server for their maturity and support.
  4. Play.Tekkit.Me.uk:25571 Welcome, While browsing around, and during my own experience playing Tekkit, I see a lot of players (myself included) wanting somewhere they can play with like minded people without running the risk of their builds being griefed and all the hard work going to waste. I don't know about you, but this feeling makes it difficult for me to enjoy Tekkit. I don't like investing time into something so easily destroyed on the whim of another. So I set out to offer somewhere people can play with like minded players in small groups to help promote familiarity and
  5. This is what I was getting at; though more thoroughly explained. As most servers have EE disabled, I wouldn't have thought it would be viable because Tin would because scarce. I would rather use a few diamonds than nuke all my tin to bits.
  6. But the cells are consumed, therefore you would have to have an additional method to manufacturer those. For a renewable solution I would think the first suggestion is better.
  7. How about something like this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103888 I've heard you can overclock them pretty well, plus it has the option to unlock an extra core if you have the right motherboard, which is pretty much every one these days. Add on a new cooler with silent fans or something, might be worth looking at.
  8. You can eliminate the lag created by exploring by using a plugin similar to WorldBorder. It allows you to set a border radius and then has a command to force generate the terrain to that border. This means that no matter where anybody goes, no generation will occur. Back on topic, you should be fine with 5gb. I ran a server from home (over the internet) with 0.8mbit upload for 5 people on 4gb of ram without any issues.
  9. You must have missed this stickied at the top of this forum, easy to do... How to set up a Tekkit server Step-by-step guide [Win 7] [images]
  10. Well, it appears somebody didn't like what I wrote. Shame that. :/
  11. Interesting, didn't know it was radius based. Could it be possible that the Nolagg command is global, and thus can be run from console?
  12. How about adding a script plugin and create a script to run the remove entity command every x seconds/minutes? Something like this?
  13. I played with it yesterday, on a brand new map, created the world then ran all the commands from console so I never loaded any chunks as a player prior to running the the chunk generation. I logged in after the process had completed, had a few issues with volcanoes but everything else seems to load fine, granted I haven't checked the ores. But there are Rubber trees (Both kind), and oil on the surface.
  14. Once you have set a boundary for your world (How far players can actually go), you can use the command to generate the chunks to the boundary, as if it was a player walking into each chunk in game, but instead of manually loading it all by flying across the map, it creates all the chunks at the rate of 20 chunks per second. Try playing with the command/plugin on a local server, and use cartography to understand what it has done to the world.
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