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When I tried to play tekkit, I noticed that there was no sound. I've looked in the forums and tried a couple of things like F3+S, F7, downloading new sound folders, but nothing worked. I would appreciate tips and solutions. Minecraft just isn't the same without sound. Thanks in advance.

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Check your mixer settings (on windows 7 click on the speaker icon in your tray) and see if tekkit is showing there once you are ingame.

Double check that your sound is turned on ingame and turned up in settings and look in mixer if it appears, if it is then look to see if it is registering sound coming from the program (should be a little bar flicking up and down under the tekkit icon in the mixer).

If it isn't appearing it is either producing no sound or it is coming through a different sound device. Check your windows settings to see what output devices you have got active, close down any you aren't using so only your speakers or headset is active then restart tekkit. It should now default to outputting through your only active output device.

If that doesn't work, I have no idea.

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