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  1. The current SomethingAwful composition has gotten to the point in the past year or two where GBS makes slightly more sense than D&D but is still a dumb place. You can tell of its quality by looking at grover's house.
  2. To fix these issues I thinka few things should be done to the main website; I realize it's Goon Run but seriously, the download page is shoddy as hell. The font is all the same size, SUPER BIG and disorganized. I think we'd get a lot fewer dumb questions if it was trimmed down a bit, using a normal font size with tables and lists.
  3. Why don't you guys use bittorrent protocols for the mods the Launcher downloads? Have a few torrents users can download to be dedicated seeds and whatnot. Also putting the Servers up on a torrent is a no-brainer, seeing as those are direct downloads. The Launcher is only 52 KB so no worries there. Also to everybody discussing adfly as a solution, lol.
  4. Re: "cracked" *looks at quality of vanilla minecraft* *$30* O_O
  5. Buildcraft pumps, when placed, scan the water in the chunk/area. After that it randomly picks a spot to pull water from, so in a 3x3 pool it doesn't matter, each of the 9 blocks has an equal chance to be pumped.
  6. I never suggested otherwise, though That feels like a kneejerk libertarian argument.
  7. If by someone, you mean Amy Pond, and I'm just guessing because who else would it be. ... yup, a quick google search confirms that.
  8. I blame yogscast for the kellers. i mean they have cardboard cutouts of sexualised videogame characters in their apartment, what sort of userbase do you expect :p
  9. I still think the name is an insult to Helen Keller :/
  10. I tried out Better than Wolves because I really liked the windmill/gear/anchor concepts. Also I think the HELEN KELLER meme is inviting more trolls than warding off idiots.
  11. Do your clients have the extra-far chunk loading options enabled? Unless the server automatically limits how many chunks can be loaded per client.