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Sorting machine with void ring


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Just wondering what the best way would be to set up a dump station for a sorting machine using the void ring in an alchemical chest to suck items in.

I have a hole in my floor (kinda like a bin) and all the items get put into one alchemical chest and will be sorted from then.

How can I leave the void ring inside so that the items keep getting sucked in and that it does not end up in a chest somewhere else?

Thank you for your time.

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I don't know what the guy above me is talking about... using a transposer CREATES the problem you want to avoid, since it indiscriminately pulls objects out. What you want is, in fact, a retriever or a sorting machine set up to pull things, that will only pull out the items if the types you wish to sort, leaving everything else behind (like void rings).

Also, by the way, you almost certainly do NOT want to use a void ring. Void rings will condense everything in the chest into diamonds/DM/RM, which defeats the whole purpose of a sorting system (might as well just throw everything in a condenser).

What you want is a black hole band, not a void ring.

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