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Exploding Extractors with < 32 EU/t?


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Ive been playing Tekkit for a little less than a month, when I started I decided my first playthrough would be 32 EU or less power sources only, and Ive stuck with that.

I have Solar Panels, Wind Mills, Water Strainers, a Geothermal Generator, and a network of 22 redstone engines being piped into a LV Engine Generator(Engine Generator is only outputting energy from the redstone engines).

All energy storage are BatBoxes, spaced 5-10 apart along exclusivly copper wiring.

This setup has remained unchanged for a couple weeks, and Ive not had any problems using any of the devices hooked up to the network.

However last night while gearing up for a big construction project my Extractor exploded the instant I put some sticky resin into it.

Only the copper wiring that was caught in the blast was destroyed. (2 peices)

The alchemical chest next to it(+1 to the right), the compressor(+2 to the right), and the un-wired charging bench mrk II(+3 to the right) was destroyed.

Strangely the large chest +1 to the left and front was not destroyed.

Explosion effect was at the Extractor location.

Im now hesitant to put down the new extractor I made. :(

Is this known? intended? can be controled?

Any help would be appreciated.

Note: Im off to work as of this post, and will not be able to reply for about 8 hours.

EDIT: LV Engine Generator, not Energy Link. *Face Palm*

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Weird, really weird. Energy links convert from EU to BC power, so your redstone engines aren't actually powering anything. Course that shouldn't be the cause of the problem and I've no idea what could be.

*Face Palm* thats a typo. :P My bad..

I have a LV Engine Generater connected to the Redstone Engines.

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mh i see you have a charging bench mk II. check if it gets a redstone signal.

If the charging benches get a redstone signal they are switched to output mode and discharge there internal storage.

the Mk I outputs LV

Mk II outputs MV

and Mk III outputs HV current.

Had a couple of explosions because of this. So Check that.

Edit: Ok if the charging Bench was not wired then that cant be the problem.

Edit again: i would say that the explosion graphic was wrong. And that your compressor blew up. at least that would align with the stuff that was destroyed and then the charging bench would come into play again, because i think it can charge machines which are connected to it like a generator

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Well Ive since changed the layout, but the space in the pic below(as indicated by the arrow) is where it was.

(I also moved the alchemical chest which was on the other side of the compressor)

Note: At the time of the explosion there was no lever on the Induction Furnace.

The only redstone at the time, was the red wire on the ceiling.

I don't think that is close enough to transfer a signal though...


EDIT: Thanks for the tip though! I did not know that a charging bench could even output! o.o

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