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The Scrapper - make almost anything out of scrap!


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hiya! did you know that with ten lapis lazuli, a recycler, a solar panel and a skyblock you can make almost anything that exists in tekkit? well it's true. I made two versions of two maps, one of them my design, the other an adaptation of Skyblock. I used the map as a base, after all!


spawn island, with tree satelites.


the unobtainable ores satelite


The Nether is a secret! :3

The chest has a lava bucket, a water source, a recycler, a solar panel, two lapis lazuli blocks, and an electric wrench. in the EE (Easy Edition) versions, there is also a transmutation tablet in the chest! I made a custom Nether for all four maps, and I just replaced the sand island in the skyblock maps with the satelite. in case you don't know about skyblock, click the circle.






that means in the real world and the Nether.

CHALLENGES! (so you have something to work towards)

  1. Make a Cobblestone generator (for tradition's sake :P)
  2. get to the Nether.
  3. Get a diamond from a scrapbox.
  4. Drive a tunnel bore into the Void!
  5. Generate 64 scrap.
  6. Make a mass fabricator.
  7. have 4 full MFSU's at the same time.
  8. quarry out the void!
  9. Make a cup of coffee.
  10. Make a HV Solar array
  11. make full quantam armour.
  12. make full RM armour (or gem armour if you want)
  13. Kill the dragon
  14. Have an iron golem spawn (don't construct it)
  15. Fly to the mainland.

I hope you have fun with this! if you have any questions, post a reply! also, give me ideas for challenges!


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