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Tekkit Live Server Let's Play


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Welcome to my Tekkit Let's Play series.

First of all an explanation of the title. As I state in the videos, the series is recorded on a running server that is up as close to 24/7 as is technologically possible. It is also an open server so people can come and go as they please. [Link to server thread forth-coming - For now, visit

our website for details on the server and how to join]

Now this little Let's Play, at time of writing there is only 7 episode up, currently editing the 8th. We will be playing this legitimately and I am not recording most of the boring stuff (e.g. spending hours mining for resources). As it stands however I have no music nor any fancy artwork to go with the Let's Play to advertise it, so if any generous people want to contribute then send me a message! I do also have to qualify some of the blunders in the videos as this is my first real attempt at recording like this, but thankfully I do know a few people who can mitigate some of the disasters! OH! One more thing, there are no annoying teenagers on these videos! Unless they join the server... then I can just ban them... simples!


So, a little bit about what we're going to be doing. This is a completely legitimate play of Tekkit. We all started from scratch and will just be going for it. The end goal is to have a full town integrated together. No idea if it'll work, but we're giving it a shot! ... Pretty sure that's the whole point of Tekkit/Technic, isn't it?


**WARNING - There is bad language. So just in-case your sensitive to that or in a public place, do yourself a favour and don't click it**

Feedback is appreciated, always looking to improve my videos.

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