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  1. Mark I wanna join, Add me on skypw once read. Name ( My IG Name is MrDanielz & My IRL Name is Dan Age - 13 Youtube Name MrDanielz - I lost pass for it gonna find it tho - I need a utube partner Skype Name - stantheman2001 Experience with Tekkit - I have played abit, Not much. Experience with Lp's - I have done a few COD TF2 & Assainsains Creed & Minecraft nothing much. Nationality - Idk what you mean, Just add me on skype and we will disscuss,
  2. DxTory Is recommended, You can use google but thats crap, Don't recommend it, I recommend, dxTory
  3. SpecialJayy Whats your skype name?!!! I wanna join you.
  4. I would love to be a admin and help you with the server, message me your skype and i'll disscuss more.
  5. I know this is mean to say, But don't let terran350 join you, Cause he will rewin it, Plus you add him on skype and he'll go ofline straight away and remove you, He's a ******* cunt
  6. Ign: Mr_Danielz Age Above 12:15 I am 12 Skype Yes/No:Yes Tekkit Experience Noob/Advanced/Expert: I'm okay, Advanced Good Sense of Humor Yes/No:Yes Able To Host Server Yes/No:No Can You Record:Yes Youtube Channel:Yes
  7. These links are invalid, Please could you put the links again properly, Especially the channel link. Thnx xx.
  8. I would love to help, Add me on skype - stantheman2001, I know alot about gooc texturing and massive awesome ideas, I am 13, I have alot of spare time over the weekend and stuff so... add me.
  9. There isn't One thing i like about you is You automatically fix it, Keep the good work up, I liked your vids asswell.
  10. Isn't signing at the bottom of a thread against the rules..... I'll leave that to the Adminastators Or Mod's Because i think it is.
  11. Woah, Also what sex / gender are you? and 25, You might be fine... I dk
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