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  1. Guys I added a download link to the OP. It's near the bottom. I won't really be working on this much but if anyone wants to continue this feel free. You have my permission <3
  2. I haven't been working very much on this, but if you PM me your e-mail i can send you everything I have so far, but I won't be able to help much unless I'm on break. Sorry
  3. Sorry I haven't been working on this guys. I'm really low on time since schools up and I haven't had much time to do anything. I'd also really appreciate some help, if anyone is willing to do so!
  4. Uhh.... I don't think so... I might eventually but probably not
  5. I would but I'm trying to get rid of all of my placeholders atm. Sorry, I'll get one out as soon as I can.
  6. I'll try and get one up today or tomorrow. No promises though
  7. I'll probably put up the thread sometime this weekend, as school just started, so I'm kinda busy.
  8. Yeah, It will work on both, so I'm gonna teach you how to make it on both. People always say to go to "Run" and type in %appdata%, then go to .minecraft/techniclauncher, and then put your texture pack into there, but you can also just open minecraft, then click texture packs, then hit the "open texture pack folder" button, and then you'll be right there. If you wanna make a texture pack from scratch, you're gonna have to go into the bin folder and go to minecraft.jar. That's where all the files are. Once you've got the files, you put it in a .zip folder and then you should be able to run it. I might make a thread of just the default textures of everything in tekkit so people who want to make a texture pack can just download it and then edit it. When you do get the files, you wanna make sure that you keep them in every folder that they were in in the minecraft.jar folder.
  9. Ok, umm... first of all, what OS are you on? Cause if you're on a mac, I won't be able to help you... :(
  10. K, awesome, thanks! I can send you what I have so far if you want. Can you PM me your e-mail or something?
  11. Yeah, someone should just make a baseline texture pack where it's got all the files just none of them are editted so people who want to make a texture pack can have easy access.
  12. I use Paint.net, it's free and I think the best photo-editor other than Photoshop. Also, thanks flipside!
  13. I might put it up soon, but I'm really busy right now. I'll have more free time in a couple of days, so expect it kinda soon, I'll try and finish as much as I can before release. Just a question, do you want me to focus on a specific mod first? EDIT: I didn't see your RP2 gem comment. Yes, they are out of place because I haven't edited them yet. Sorry
  14. Should I post what i have so far? I'm using morton's smooth pack as placeholders so I'll have to get his permission first, but a lot of the stuff isn't done yet :P