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[3.1.2] QuantumPvP [PvP][50 Slots][Open][Factions/mcMMO/Custom Plugins]


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(Will be getting a domain once issues are resolved)

About QuantumPvP

QuantumPvP came to be because I, the owner, saw that there were not many decently ran, hardcore, PvP, faction, raiding Tekkit servers. I put myself to the test of making a good Faction server based on previous experiences in raiding servers. This was also not the job of one being. Many friends and associates put time into forging the final outcome of the server. We are looking for a good community of hardcore, pvp, faction server players to join us. So, please read about our server, and we hope to see you there!

Server Rules

  • NO Hacking or Glitching.
  • NO Setting Home in Other Factions' Bases.
  • NO Logging in Other Factions' Bases.
  • NO Autoclicking in PvP.
  • NO Exploiting Bugs or Dupes
  • NO Spamming Chat.
  • NO Advertising.
  • NO Participating in an Illegal Raid.
  • NO Asking for Staff Rank.
  • NO Disrespecting Staff.
  • NO Extreme Racism
  • NO Repeatedly Asking to Join a Faction
  • NO Making [TRADE] Signs in Bases.

Major Plugins

  • Factions
  • Essentials Economy
  • CombatTag
  • mcMMO
  • ObbyDestruct
  • LogBlock
  • AutoSneak - (Donors)
  • AntiExploit Plugins
  • ...Many Custom Plugins

Disabled Mods

  • NONE! - At the moment, all mods are enabled

Blacklisted Items

  • Mining Laser - Bypasses protection
  • Dynamite - Bypasses protection
  • Red Matter Furnace - Dupe
  • "Gem Armor" - PvP Balance
  • Destruction Catalyst - Over Powered
  • Mercurial Eye - Over Powered Building Tool
  • All of the Rings - Over Powered
  • Watch of Flowing Time - Over Powered
  • Hyperkinetic Lens - Over Powered
  • All of the Amulets - Over Powered
  • Nova Catalyst - Over Powered
  • Nova Cataclysm - Over Powered
  • Quantum Chest - PvP Balance
  • Dark Matter Helmet - PvP Balance
  • Red Matter Helmet - PvP Balance
  • World Anchors - Cause Lag
  • Alchemy Bags - Unraidable Storage
  • Personal Safes - Unraidable Storage
  • Ender Chest - Unraidable Storage
  • Ender Pouch - Unraidable Storage
  • ForceFields - Over Powered Protection
  • Triangulators - Crash Servers
  • Telsa Coils - Over Powered
  • Turtles - Bypass Protection
  • Cannon - Bypass Protection
  • Trianing Dummy - Annoying
  • Dimensional Anchor - Cause Lag



PvP Arena + Central Area


Tutorial Building


The Shop


Skype: xboxnolifes


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