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EU Detector cable / glass fibre


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I am just wondering about this setup I saw, and had a few questions about it.


This is a mobile mining platform using IC2 miners and RP2 frame motors. As you can see, the HV solar array collects and stores power in the MFSU, and it is then sent to the MV transformer and then to an EU Detector cable and then to an LV transformer and then to the miner/pump setups.

There are a few things I am curious about.

1) Why does the glass fibre cable have red dots on it? And then on the right there are brown dots on it as well

2) Why is the cable looped around the back of the MV trans right there? Is there any need? (Also around the LV trans in the top right too)

3) What purpose does the EU detector serve? As far as I can see, its not connected to anything but other glass fibre

4) You can't see it in this picture, but this guy has at least 1 more LV trans down the line, where he already has 1 before it. Also completely unnecessary?

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1) It has dots because it's been painted, you can paint wires different colors and they won't connect when they otherwise would, but as far as that picture it's not actually being used (perhaps outside the picture?)

2) No, no need, if anything that causes the CPU more work, perhaps they thought transformers don't output on all sides if the input is the 3 dotted side, but they do

3) I can't see any redstone lines to or from it so they are worthless, unless they are trying to stop losses or something, but it doesn't appear they have enough glass fibre cable for that to be an issue

4) Yup, if you're already at LV, you don't need another, unless he's using it to go back up to MV

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