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Horrible FPS on a amazingly good computer

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Ok, I have 16 gb in total on my computer of ram, I allocated 8 to tekkit, I am running java 7

Computer specs: http://puu.sh/19IlZ

Graphics Card: Dual 3GB GDDR5 EVGA GTX 580

Surely this would be enough to run tekkit with more than 29 FPS.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I allocated memory, still no avail, it only happens when I get near like my factory or anything like that, otherwise if those chunks aren't loaded or im in the wild I do not get FPS lag. Can anyone tell me how to fix my FPS lag and even boost my fps up a ton?

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Hi, I think to get more answers you need to be a little more specific.

1. Are you running sp, smp, your own server, public server?

2. Have you always had a fps or just all of a sudden?

3. Did you just upgrade your video cards?

4. Have you tried to disable sli?

5. Are you having a fps problem in other games?

6. Did you recently install a new driver?

I will be happy to help if I had more info.

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