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Lava buckets into tanks automatically?


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So I made a nether lava farm and now I have an ender chest filling up with lava buckets. Is it possible to get those lava buckets automatically into tanks? If so, how?

Thank you so much for you time.

Forgot to add: Pumping lava from the tanks into the deployer isn't working either.

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Alright I never actually use railcraft so I had to go and figure it out myself for you.

1.Put an Adv. Item Loader next to your Ender chest

2. Put an Item detector below the block the Item loader is facing (the black square is the output)

3. Put a boarding track on the Item loader and face it forward

4. Put another Item detector next to the other one and place a boarding track going the opposite direction

5. Place an Adv. Item Unloader with black box facing the black box of the Item loader (the second boarding track should be right next to it)

6.Place a Liquid Loader next to the Item unloader

7. Attach wooden pipe to liquid loader and power with redstone engines to pipe empty buckets into chest

8. 2 blocks under the liquid loader place another item detector

9. Place boarding track on item detector.

10. Next to the item detector (underneath the liquid loader) place a Liquid Unloader with a boarding track facing towards the item detector on top

11. Attach stone/cobblestone/whatever waterproof pipe to Liquid unloader and pipe into tank, or directly into Geo generator.

EDIT: Also selecting "Complete" on the Item Loader/Unloader will make it hold the cart in place until it has been filled out or emptied, respectively.

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