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[3.1.2] JordanLand [PvP] [30 slots] [Open] [Werewolves][iConomy] [Residence] [No EE & ComputerCraft]


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Our server IP is jordanland.no-ip.org


Here is some information about our server :

The server started off as a simple, small server, designed for a couple friends.

Then, one day, my friends started to get lonely, there was no one else to share their amazing builds with, so I decided, why not make the server public? Then there would be plenty of players for them to show off to, have fun with, or chat to. And that, is how JordanLand started.

Here is a list of our server rules :

1. No griefing.

2. No stealing. ( Scamming in particular. )

3. No PVPing inside a building or house.

4. No taking advantage of exploits or bugs.

5. No creating traps.

6. No spamming.

We have 2 removed mods.

The removed mods are :

1. Most of Equivalent Exchange. It was just way too overpowered in SMP.

2. ComputerCraft. It's easy to write malicious code.

We have a few banned items.

They are :

1. Ring of Ignition

2. Ring of Arcana

3. Void Ring

4. Gem of Eternal Density

5. Black Hole Band

6. Alchemical Chest

7. Alchemical Bag.

8. Most EE items, except for Transmutation Tablet.

9. Nova Catalysts/Nova Cataclysms

10. Destruction Catalyst

11. Catalytic Lens

12. Nukes

13. Industrial TNT

14. Regular TNT

15. Automatic Crafting Tables, which is data value 164, and all of data values 169.

16. Project Table

17. Quarries ( Cause too much lag. )

18. World Anchors

19. Archangel's Smite

Other rings, and Transmutation Tablets are restricted items, and can be obtained via donating.

Some plugins that we have are :

1. Towny. Make your own 1337 towns with friends!

2. Werewolves. Become one, and kill all humans with your fellow pack, or hunt them to extinction, to protect your people from harm.

3. DeathPenalty. Get penalized when you die! This will discourage suiciding for food.

4. Lockette. You can protect almost everything, like generators and Batboxes

5. MineCars. Drive in your beautiful city, through highways or through a local road.

6. SpamGuard. Stop those pesky spammers and prevent profanity from harming the ears

of our youngsters!

7. PermissionsEX. Basically, a permission system.

8. Hunger++. hunger is sped up.

9. Backpacks. Ever wanted to carry more items, but had a full inventory? Now you can.

Our servers are on 20 hours out of 24 hours, from 7:00 AM EST, to 3:00 AM EST on Monday to Friday.

On Saturday to Sunday, the server is on for 18 hours out of 24 hours, from 9:00 AM EST, to 3:00 AM EST.

Our server website is


Be warned, on our server, the difficulty is set to "Hardcore" and hunger is sped up. If you're up for a small challenge, and wish to help our community, join today!


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