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  1. Age: 16 IGN: manchua123 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? To play with my friend ManaRays on a laggy free server because the one we are on right now is very laggy and hard to enjoy if blocks keep reseting What Do you want to Build? Nothing also but to make a powerful suit and show off to my friends. Also a gaint tower watching over a war torn land.
  2. Age: 17 IGN: ManaRays Why Do you want to Play on this Server? To go on a laggy free server with my friend from camp and stay in touch with them while mining and building things What Do you want to Build? Nothing in particular for now but I want a nice successful town
  3. Just reading the info makes me want to join. i give mass props to the whole different natons and the ranks in side of them very well done server i really want to be a part of it
  4. The plugins seem badass only issue is the banned item Quarrys D: i need them quarrys lol
  5. is the server up it says cant connect and idk if it's on mine or ur end
  6. idk if it is to late but heck with it IGN:ManaRays About Me: only reasn i started playing MC was with my friends in highschool then i got tekkit due to the yogs showing Hack/Mine. I went from there now im on a good server hunt have i been banned: NO and i plan to keep it that way
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