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  1. I already updated it, thanks for the advice. Official TechnicSolder Github Repo: https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicSolder
  2. What do you mean by the hosting server part? The answer of your questions there just tells me that you won't use TechnicSolder at all, if you dont get it sponsored or hosted. I could actually host it for you if you want to.
  3. Ever thought about maintaining your Modpack via the Official TechnicSolder Software? The SolderAPI is really great and could improve your work flow by ages I guess, it's easy to build and update Modpack versions, you are also able to use the version history with that (people can downgrade / pick versions), also you would be able to create beta versions and roll them out to a team of testers. Or set experimental builds and more! I guess that really would improve your Modpack and might help you with maintaining it. Contact me if you need help or someone to host the TechnicSolder.
  4. Create, maintain, update & publish your own modpack with a few clicks! Ever thought about maintaining your Modpack via the Official TechnicSolder Software? The SolderAPI is really great and could improve your work flow by ages, it's easy to build and update Modpack versions and you are also able to use the version history with that (people can downgrade / pick versions in the Launcher), also you are able to create beta versions and roll them out to a team of (chosen) testers. Or set experimental builds and more! I really love how people create their own modpacks, with their own themes and I want to support the people which aren't able to host their own TechnicSolder Platform. If you are really into using TechnicSolder for your modpack, contact me and let me know - I'll create your own account to maintain your Modpacks on a hosted technicsolder platform.
  5. The server went offline a long time ago and now many of the old community came back together to relaunch the server! We invite you all to join our discussions and take part at the reopening of Industrial Lemon! Hopefully see you soon in our forums. http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/index.php
  6. Industrial Lemon went down for a couple of months, but now we are back! Visit our forums to help getting industrial lemons back 2 the roots! http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/
  7. Yeah, the problem is that we had a advertisement thread before, with about 4 pages full of good ratings. But I realised to late that there are kinda new rules regarding the look of a advertisement here...
  8. Visit our forums at http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/ Hello there! Theres something I have to tell you :3 Industrial-Lemon (Craft) is here, to advertise... LEMONZ! Jeah, 95% industrial lemon and 5% normal Lemon! Our server exists for more than 6 months now! We are the type of server which try to NOT RESET the world, which makes restricting certain items reasonable. The uptime of our server should be 24 / 7. Our community is built of very friendly people which help you in any way they can. Our admins and moderators understand fun and know how to handle certain situations, but thats no reason to be rude to them The base of our community is our forums in which you can post suggestions, ideas, complaints and get the newest information about everything! [Click for forums] Now enough lemons. Industrial-Lemon is a tekkit server which runs 24/7 hours and uses the common plugins such as Towny, Jobs, and a lightweight chest protection! Theres nothing more to tell you, our server has no-whitelist so you don't have to write a application or something else. But theres one thing you have to do. You have to manage our anti-griefer parkour, it might not prevent all griefers but the common ones which just join some servers and start griefing there. Your friend plays on our server and you want to play with him? No problem! You can skip the hole parkour with the help of your friend (which of course done the parkour before), he just has to invite you into his home (/home invite YourName) Thats all you have to know. Quick HowTo Play: You need to get Tekkit 3.1.2 first! (You can do this by downloading the Tekkit Launcher and setting your build to the latest (in options)) Join our server (tekkit.minecraft.at:25564) Read the story on the signs (Jeah we have something like a story how you got into the hole in which you spawn!) Try to manage the parkour (Dont forget to save your progress by typing /sethome) Now, when you finally got out of this hole of crap, search some nice place to build (Better far far away, or join somebody else on the server) Start playing by gathering ores and building (I recommend you to join an job to get some money (/jobs browse -> /jobs join)) Now when you got enough money, create your own town and try to be even the biggest town on the server! Server Rules 1. Do not grief! 2. Do not use strong language! 3. Be friendly to other players, nobody likes idiots. 4. Dont abuse the use of pvp! (Pontless pvp can end in a ban!) 5. No stealing! (This means, don't break into houses to steal something!) You can also find a short list of rules on the Server after the parkour. Theres also a list of the Server Rules in our Forums (http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/pages/rules/) EE is enabled but parts of it are disabled!You can find the nice version of this over here: http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/wiki/banned-item-list/ The following things are disabled or only for Members ??? Chunkloader ------------ Weapons Mod Cannon + Cannon Balls ------------ RedPower RP Computer | Only Members+ Railcraft Tunnelbore ------------ Railcraft World Anchor ------------ IC2 Nuke ------------ IC2 Mining Laser ------------ IC2 Industrial TNT (ITNT) ------------ IC2 Dynamite | Only Members+ IC2 Sticky Dynamite | Only Members+ Computer Craft Computer | Only Members+ Computer Craft Disk drives | Only Members+ Computer Craft Monitor | Only Members+ Computer Craft Wireless / Mining Turtle | Only Members+ Wireless Redstone Triangulator Wireless Redstone REP (Jammer) EE2 Collectors ------------ EE2 RM/DM Furnace ------------ EE2 Pedestals ------------ EE2 Ring of Ignitation ------------ EE2 Zero Ring ------------ EE2 Swiftwolf's Rending Gale ------------ EE2 Ring of Arcana ------------ EE2 Archangel's Smite ------------ EE2 Void Ring ------------ EE2 Watch of Flowing Time ------------ EE2 Destruction Catalyst ------------ EE2 Hyperkinetic Lens ------------ EE2 Catalytic Lens ------------ EE2 All RM/DM Tools ------------ EE2 RM Armor Plus ------------ EE2 Nova Catalysm ------------ EE2 Nova Catalyst ------------ EE2 Black Hole Band ------------ EE2 Transmutation Table | Only Members+ EE2 Evertide Amulet | Only Members+ EE2 Mercurial Eye | Only Members+ Enabled for everybody are things like: -Transmutation table (Disabled because of dupe bugging (But you can use condensors instead!)) -Condensors -Alchemy bags -Diving Rod's And even more! Major Plugins: iConomy Towny Dynmap (click) Jobs ChopTree WorldGuard MyHome MyWarp Some images of our server: You can find more images of our server in our forums at http://tekkit.minecraft.at/Forum/useralbums/ or even better... C'mon and start digging right now! Make your own image on tekkit.minecraft.at:25564
  9. You may check out our server, if you like. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-0-4-industrial-lemon-nice-community-24-7-towny-no-whitelist-pvp-lwc.8576/
  10. Wow this is so fully epic automated D: Or isn't your "Factory" full automatic? Cause i'm currently building a kind of that and mine got a full automatic sorting system, but i'm just hanging with the macerating thing x.x
  11. Uh, ok dumb question. How do you manage to get 1 type of ore macerated by time? :d
  12. And how do you manage this? Oo You cant control that really D:
  13. Quick question, how did you get managed of those item overflows? Example: If you put like 8 different types of ores in 3 Rotary Macerator, first they only get put in the first slot of the macerator and if all macerator are full the rest gets dropped...
  14. This thing is freaking, 90% EPIC 10% boring cause you dont need to work for anything now :3 But keep up the good work, i look forward to an download x.x
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